Illustration: Moritz Wienert for Cities for Rent

Investigating Corporate Landlords across Europe.

A cross-border collaborative project, coordinated by Arena for Journalism in Europe.

High demand for rental flats across European cities has contributed to make housing a very attractive investment. At a time when many people can’t find an affordable and decent flat to live in, reports of a huge increase in investment flows into housing across Europe go hand in hand with stories of abusive practices by ‘corporate landlords’, companies that buy and rent out housing for profit.

Where is all that money coming from? Who are the companies and investors buying so much housing across Europe? …

Time to re-visit Athens without its people during these strange times.

Photos: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOSPHOTOS

The march in Athens on Friday was the largest in Greece, with an estimated 2,000 demonstrators.

Climate Strike Athens in pictures

Photos by Bernard Steffin / FOS PHOTOS

More than 2,000 protested downtown Athens on Friday to demonstrate for World Climate Change Action Day and the Global Climate Strike. The young demonstrators, gathered in Syntagma square, right in front of Greece’s Parliament and took a short walk in the historic triangle of Athens that lasted about an hour. The teenagers were holding homemade signs, and parents were escorting the youngest children chanting “We need systemic change not climate change”. “No one is too small to make a difference” or “The planet is getting hotter than young Leonardo DiCaprio” some banners read…

Still from July 7th, 2019. Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

How is the Greek youth doing, WW2 reparations, start-ups, the legacy of the newly-elected Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Tsipras era.

By Tassos Morfis, Sotiris Sideris, Rachel Maher, Petros Konstantinidis

A few days before the Greek National elections of July 7th our inboxes were full of questions. How are we coping with the heatwave, if we have any plans for the summer, who were we going to vote for, who will be in charge of the new government, if SYRIZA managed to deliver, what’s the plan of New Democracy and others. So together our friends at Krautreporter asked their readers what they would like to know and we answered. We received 41 questions and we tried to answer most of them…

Wall in Athens. Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

Refugees and migrants were targeted for one more year. The findings of the Racist Violence Recording Network are worrying.

During the period January-December 2018, the Racist Violence Recording Network documented, through interviews with victims, 117 incidents of racist violence, with more than 130 victims. In 74 incidents the victims were migrants or refugees on grounds of ethnic origin, religion, colour, associations of third country nationals, human rights defenders due to their connection with refugees and migrants, as well as a memorial to the victims of shipwrecks. In 6 incidents, Greek citizens were targeted due to their colour, foreign or ethnic origin (members of the Roma community).

During the period January-December 2017, the RVRN documented, through interviews with victims, 102…

Left, 1992, Right 2019. Photos: Gerasimos Domenikos

It’s been one of the most discussed national issues in Greece, and finally comes to an end.

The specific naming dispute, although an existing issue in Yugoslav-Greek relations since World War II, arose in 1991 after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the newly gained independence of the “Republic of Macedonia,” a name Greece would never accept for historical and geographical reasons. Since then, it has been an ongoing issue in bilateral and international relations.

In 1992 about 500,000 Greeks, including pupils, participated in the “Rally for Macedonia,” a very large demonstration that took place in the streets of Athens and across the country to warn the European Community against recognizing the Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.

Using the…

Iasonas Apostolopoulos. Video: Tassos Morfis, Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

We talked to a Greek rescuer of the migrant rescue ship Aquarius that saved thousands of lives in Central Mediterranean.

by Tassos Morfis and Eliza Gkritsi

Iasonas Apostolopoulos is an Athens-born humanitarian worker and civil engineer. He was working as a rescuer on board Aquarius 2, one of the largest rescue vessels in the Central Mediterranean. The boat, 77 meters long, staffed and funded by two NGOs SOS Mediterranée, a French-German organization founded three years ago and Doctors Without Borders who are taking care of the refugees when onboard has been was operating in international waters in response to the ongoing refugee crisis. Their aim was to spot migrant boats…

The vide of the campaign.

With your help the first Greek-German magazine between Athens & Berlin is about to happen.

Most probably Athens isn’t the new Berlin -although June of 2018 has shown a remarkably unfamiliar for Greece’s latitude, weather. Apart from disputes over fiscal and political policies over the years, the two countries have shared cultural symbols as Birkenstocks and the significant art fair Documenta 14. What else is left? — A platform for debate between the two cities.

AB International is a new media initiative focused on culture, politics and society, the first Greek-German magazine between Athens & Berlin magazine, as its creators say. Theodor Hillman and Danai Moschona of German and…

Daily life in Thessaloniki back in 2014. Photo: Giannis Papanikos

Their decline was slow. But was it inevitable?

By Panagiotis Mandatzis*

Thessaloniki, Greece. — A huge banner on the façade of the offices of Makedonia and Thessaloniki newspapers (published daily and weekly, respectively, by Makedoniki Ekdotiki Ektipotiki SA) reads: “SOS — A city without newspapers — 17 months unpaid — work abstention.”

Over a month later, no one seems to have heeded to the employees’ call. Few appear to care altogether. It’s as if the ongoing financial crisis has desensitized Greeks to each other’s struggles — it’s “just another company shutting down.” …

Upon arrival to EU, many refugees are forced to stay out in the open, sleeping in shelters they have to build by themselves. Chios, Greece. Photo: (Ruhi Loren)

Summarized: this week’s reports about the refugee situation in Greece courtesy of Are you Syrious?.

There are few days left until the official start of the winter, and so far as AYS reports, there is no solution for all the people living on the islands. The situation for all the people living in tents and shelters they build for themselves is getting worse.

Among over 15.000 refugees who are stranded on the islands, there are a lot of children. Most of them do not go to school and are forced to stay in unbearable living conditions that resemble prison camps, like in Moria. …

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